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Have you been videotaped at your friend’s wedding giving the graduation speech and your freinds re-watch your screw-up for all eternity?

Are you giving a speech at your grandmother’s 70th birthday party? You don’t want to do it unless you have a really good speech. You have absolutely no idea what to talk about and what the format & order of your speech should be.

Do you have to write a persuasive speech for your class tomorrow but you simply don’t know how to persuade anyone or you are puzzled what topic you should choose?

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Have you unfortunately and sadly lost a loved-one recently and you desperately want to say a few words at the funeral service but really don’t know what to say?

Are you confused because you have no idea how to start your speech or you simply can’t think of an opening paragraph that would catch the attention of your audience? Or are you having trouble writing a conclusion for your speech that will conclude your speech successfully?

Whatever your case may be, if you are having problems with writing your speech and simply don’t know what to do and how to proceed, then there is no need to worry anymore because you have finally come to the right place to end your aggravations.


We will help you to get rid of any problems that you face while writing your speech by understanding your situation and writing a 100% customized speech that will surely get you a standing ovation from your audience. We will work with you to fully understand the event and your position in order to carry out this task successfully.


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We will help you sound like your own self. Meaning, the words of your speech should sound like your own words, coming directly from your heart, so your loved ones will especially be deeply touched. It is done after a writer understands the purpose of the event and your audience that must be mentioned in the speech.


1. 100% Custom Written Speech 

  • The most important reason behind getting a custom written speech is that you don’t want to repeat the exact words someone has said before. There might be people listening to your speech who may have heard the exact same sentences before and this is the last thing you would hope for while delivering your speech.  It can happen if you are using a prewritten speech or a speech template to write a speech for yourself.

  • Our speech writers will collect information like what your speech is about, who your audience is, and the purpose of the speech. Then your speech is tailored according to your specifications with unique words and sentences. Knowing the fact that the words in your speech are original will enable you to speak more confidently and effectively.


2. Experienced & Seasoned Speech Writers 

  • Our speech writers are professional writers who can write successfully on any speech category.  We have professional speech writers with at least 5 years of speech writing experience and this is the minimum criteria our writers have to meet when they apply to work with us. Along with that, we have copywriters, comedy writers, and creative writers to help you with a speech that will not only be liked but will also make your audience bang their hands together in sincere appreciation.

  • Your speech reflects you and a poorly written speech will leave a negative impression on your audience.  A skilled speech writer can help you put a solid speech together and prevent you from such an unfavorable situation.


3. On Time Delivery – Guaranteed! 

We understand that our customers, after receiving their speeches, have to go through them and start practicing in order to deliver them effectively.  Not being able to deliver your speech on time will adversely affect your presentation and it will ruin our credibility as well. We simply can’t let that happen!


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We have so much trust and confidence in our custom speeches that all of our speeches come with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Yes, that’s right. You have 90 days to examine your speech.

But if you are not satisfied and the speech doesn’t live up to your expectations due to the fact that all the details that you had provided were not included or you think that the speech should have been organized differently, even after thorough revisions, we will simply refund all your money.  You won’t lose even a penny.


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Your first guess would be more than $200. It’s a good guess because there are custom speech writing services charging more than $250 for a 3-minute speech and up to $1000 for a 10-minute speech. 

But our prices are not exorbitant because we are dedicated to providing excellent custom written speeches at an affordable price. It was challenging for us to determine a price that will satisfy both, our writers and customers, and we are glad that we finally managed to do so.


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10 Rules That Make Your Speech Unforgettable!

There is a single thing that can ruin any speech, and it is the wrong attitude. Many people who were asked to say the speech think that this is their opportunity to shine, and it is basically their time. You have certainly heard a few speeches in your life. Some of them were pretty good and did not make you want to yawn, but others were just boring. Speakers started out with enthusiasm, and you were ready to listen, but afterwards, you found yourself thinking of anything but the things the person in front of you was saying. Boring details, plain info, nothing to hook the reader, and that is when you understood that you are the ruler of the ball. The speakers were merely the guests, and you were the one to decide whether what they say is worth of your attention. 

You will surely have to give a speech one day, and you will feel both excited and overwhelmed. The brain will be full of ideas, you will think that you are different from any other speakers you have heard, and you do have so many important things to convey. However, try to face the reality: most of the people will more easily recall what their neighbour was wearing than what you were saying. Even if every line of your speech is a perfection, some of the listeners will pay more attention to the lights in the room, the haircut of the woman in the front row, and, probably, their phones.

Writing a speech, you need to aim for a few things. Firstly, you need to capture the attention, make the audience interested, and make people remember what you said. Secondly, you have to leave the people with a great impression and a thing of two to think about when you finish. How can you do it all at once? Here are the speech writing tips that will tell you that.

1. Let them remember you. Unfortunately, this only sounds easy in theory. Most of the people who will listen to your speech will remember a line or a few from it, and nothing else. You cannot change that, and there is surely no one to blame for it. At least, you can predict what exactly they will remember by creating a sentence or two that will be the core of the speech. They should accumulate the main message you want to send, be clear, and catchy enough to recall later. Take time to think what exactly you want the people to remember, and craft something they would not want to forget.

2. Structure the speech. Give some people a chance to speak, and you will not stop them. Your goal is not to be one of these people. Think of the speeches you have heard that were terrible, or, at least, got from ok to terrible at some point. Speakers have probably started out well and then began to jump from point to point, thinking that the details they have mentioned are really important for you to understand the whole thing. Maybe they were, maybe they were not. The point is – you should not bore your listeners with details unless you cannot drop them. As it was already mentioned, you should create a core message and build everything on it. If something does not relate, can be excluded, or is not that significant to mention it – do not put it in while writing the speech.

3. The opening should be short and inviting. Do not create a huge list of people you need to thank for something. Mention just a few individuals, if that is absolutely necessary. If not – do not even start. You need to engage the audience, and not let the people get distracted by the fly on the wall. Questions, facts, shocking info, and any other hook you can come up with should be the starting point. Do not waste anybody’s time with the boring data, and go straight for the attention.

4. Meet people’s expectations. Think about the audience: who are these people, why did they come here, and what do they expect from you as a speaker? Try to think of the whole event, and the atmosphere of it. Pick the appropriate tone and information that has to be delivered, and keep it in mind while writing the speech. Aim for making the people feel excited and generous for emotions, and your words will certainly hit the right spot.

5. Make them like you. Beauty is more often not in the looks, but in the charisma, personality, and the behaviour. If you look and sound confident, use gestures and different face expressions, you will surely not be boring to look at, and people will pay more attention to you. Share something personal (do not go over the board with this though), and make the audience understand that there is an interesting person on the stage, and he or she has something valuable to say.

6. A little bit of history repeated. Do not be afraid to repeat a small piece of info you have already delivered. You will draw more attention and become more memorable rather than will make the audience feel irritated. While some of the listeners are making to-do lists in their minds or thinking how many calories the champagne had, the repetition will interfere the thoughts, and make everyone gaze back at you.

7. Transition. Not everyone will get the point your speech is moving towards. Hence, do not make the guests’ gears blow, and remind them why you are saying what you are saying. Transitional sentences will help a lot in the case. You can ask a question, or make a statement like “The point is that…”, and this will surely make most of the listeners realize where you are going.

8. Perform. The stage will be all yours, and you will be free to do anything (well, almost). Hence, you can use the opportunity to reveal your inner actor. You can use jokes, or refer to some realistic comical situations in your life. This way, you will let the audience know that you are just like them, a person with good and bad days, and funny or ridiculous life events that occasionally bring you hard times, but they are so amusing, you just cannot present them in the negative light.

9. Make the ending powerful. Usually, a story works best. In the end, you should recap the info you have provided the audience with, and give them something to chew on afterwards. However, this should not be a random story. Make sure you choose something brief and interesting that, at the very end, sends the same message as your speech, or helps you to convey the main point in a more understandable way. Examples are always great when you want someone to realize where you are going with the information you reveal, and your audience will surely appreciate this gesture and remember the final story.

10. Know when it is enough. If you had one word to describe the worst speech you have ever heard, it would probably be “long”. You may have a lot to say, but take into account that your audience most likely does not want to hear that much. Long speeches seem even longer as the listeners slowly lose the interest in what the speaker has to say. Do not let anyone who gave the ears to listen get to the boiling point, and say just enough, leaving everyone with great impression rather than “thank God it is over.”