August 30, 2016

Alternative forms of transport should be encouraged and international laws introduced to control car ownership and use

The problem of congestion of automobiles on roads has turned out to be severe in the preceding years for several countries. Today, individuals are encouraged more to utilize other methods of transportation and laws have been enacted to regulate this problem. In this paper, I will expound more on the steps required to monitor the vehicle ownership and usage.

Numerous persons in developed nations own vehicles for the to and fro movements. Undoubtedly, cars are additionally convenient to use than public transportation. One of the superlative methods to control inconvenience of the public transport is to establish standards of communal transports and motivate people to utilize the public transportation. Reducing fares, increasing the accessibility will enable public transportation to be more appealing. Furthermore, alternative transport means should be encouraged like waterways and bicycles. These alternative modes of transport can also be efficient in reducing environment pollution caused by cars. This action also results in less road traffic (McGrath, 2012).


Consequently, enacting laws is essential to regulate car ownership and use. In a country like Singapore, there exist hefty taxes for the new purchasers and cumbersome yearly registering fees. There also exists a law that limits usage of cars to 10 years after manufacture. The holders who desire to use vehicles for more than the ten years set are required to pay hefty fees to the government. Additionally, the motorists who do not adhere to road regulations are penalized, and their licenses annulled for a short time (Olszewski & Turner, 1993). Some of these decrees are at present being implemented in many nations.

Deliberating to entirety on the issue, countries should endorse alternate transportation and propose new legislations to enable the stabilization of the rate of car utilization. People should also be willing to change their mentality in order to endorse the use of alternate means of transportation. Although, the superfluous increase of the number of cars on roads is unavoidable, measures should be put in place to minimize and control the detrimental consequences.

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