October 5, 2016

How to write a coursework

If you do not have any ideas concerning the matter “how to write a coursework,” the following information about coursework will be helpful enough. The coursework is presented as a paper, which is required by many educational establishments in order to finish a particular educational stage. Coursework and research papers are usually written by students to graduate from school, college, or university and receive certain qualification(s), for instance A-level or GCSE. Taking into consideration its forms, the coursework can be presented as a project, research, extended essay, sample of resume with coursework, etc. Nevertheless, all coursework papers are targeted at one particular point: they are being composed to demonstrate students’ abilities and skills to evaluate, explore, and research the selected topic within a certain field of knowledge. In view of this, while writing the coursework paper, students are expected to make an independent research giving strong explanations associated with the topic. Generally, a grade, obtained for coursework assignment, is added to the grade for an exam and refers to the total grade. Although, for a few programs and educational establishments, the coursework paper will be enough to demonstrate the educational abilities and skills of a student.


How to Compose a University Level Coursework

For a student to achieve success when responding to the questions “What exactly is coursework?” or “Where can I look for a sample of coursework assignment?” is not enough. The well-composed and organized coursework paper is a pet project of several considerable elements: writing skills, data gathering, in-depth analysis, and cautious planning. These aspects play a key role when one faces a necessity to write the coursework paper. Students have to follow certain guidelines targeted at improving and simplifying the process of research in order to achieve the desired outcome and be productive:

  • Select such topic, which meets requirements of your educational establishment and suits your interests. It is better not to pay attention to too vast or too narrowed topic.
  • Plan the task procedure very carefully and keep all deadlines in your mind, as it is nearly impossible to compose a decent paper at the last day or night before submission.
  • Collect credible data and sources, then conduct your own research. Look through as many relevant types of information as possible. You never know, which one will provide you with an innovative approach to the chosen topic. Additionally, if the information has to be collected in a particular sphere, you should contribute enough time for this part of work.
  • Write an overview for this assignment and make a decision regarding the structure you will follow when working on the whole paper.
  • Compose the paper.
  • Add some maps, tables, graphs, images, charts, etc., in order to visualize final results and make them clearer for future readers. However, it is not so important to include large tables and schemes to the text. Instead of that, one can recommend putting all necessary illustrative material at the end of the paper, in appendices.
  • Use proper citations and produce correct endnotes or footnotes that denote a particular source; otherwise, you can be accused of plagiarism. At the same time, do not forget to make a list of references.

Proofread your paper several times:

  • Make sure that your final variant of the paper makes sense. It should be consistent and rational.
  • Remember to check spelling and grammar.
  • Check the style of formatting. Although knowledge of fonts, spacing, citation rules, etc., seems to be not so vital, it, for sure, has an impact on the final evaluation of your efforts concerning the paper.


As a result, students are obliged to follow specific guidelines and restrictions imposed from the side of any academic institution. Among the core aspects to consider is the fact that plagiarism is not an alternative. When being detected, it may lead not only to a failure with accomplishing of the assignment; also, it may cause an expulsion from school, college, or university. Your paper is supposed to be original, and all additional sources should be included in the list of references.

In addition, it is very important for students to keep in mind that a scientific supervisor is not responsible for your whole coursework; his/her part is to direct a student(s) and offer specific hints to master the paper and turn it to be good from the point of academic perspective.

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