August 31, 2016

Impact of the Media on the Society

The world is filled with different technological gadgets that people use to communicate and get information. The media is at the forefront of informing and educating both the young and the adults. Ideally, the media is linked to both social and economic issues. It is through the media that social perspective and outlook about life is influenced on the positive side or on the negative side. This essay is aimed at covering the impact of the media on the society.


One of the positive impacts the media has on the society is that it a great source of entertainment. Television and radios are a viable means through which people relax and enjoy passing time. Watching a nice movie can relax the brain. The media is also a medium through which people can learn (Mitu, 2011). This is made possible through watching documentaries or listening to educative programs. This results in a new way of thinking that results in positive development within the society. Kennedy and Hills note that sporting skills are also sharpened through watching sports personality on the media (2009).

On the contrary, the media has a negative impact on people. Negative display of contents and idolization of immorality through sexual advertisements makes people lack remorse for their culture or personal dignity. The other negative impact is that the media acts as a learning platform in which children can learn negative contents. This negative contents results in gross misconduct in school and lack or respect to the adults. Kurgler asserts that social media has resulted in hatred among people and negative publicity on goods and services (2014). Notably, parts of the social reviews are honest but others are not.

The media plays a crucial role in today’s era of information and technology. Ideally, it is necessary to understand both the good and the bad effects the media has on the people. Depending on how one views the media, it is necessary to understand that both children and adults are recipients and they are the prime target to media contents.

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