September 9, 2016

Never Educate Children at Home

I accept the opinion that children should not received their education at home with their parents as the teachers. Taking children to school seems to be the appropriate decision for a number of reasons.


One of the reasons is that the children’s interaction is very important social aspect especially when they are of the same age. As such, learning institutions provide children of the same age with an opportunity to interact with each other. Such social contact is very important when the child is learning to live with other people since it helps the child to live harmoniously with different people (Botting, 2007).

Sometimes age different can influence how the child resolves conflicts. Take for example, a child may feel uncomfortable to express his or her anger in front of the parents. Therefore, taking the child to the kindergarten (school) where he or she can quarrel with other children can help the child to know how to cooperate with others. However, a child may not develop this skill under the parental-teaching form of education (Gerver, 2010).

We all know that children need space to make noise, cry, run or jump. However, most neighbors do not allow these actions. Learning institutions provide such a possibility. Kindergartens provide space, lots of toys and constructions for the children to engage in physical exercises. When children from learning institutions become adults, they are much easy tempered and calm because they schools help the children to express their feelings without fear (Wolfe, 2009).

I am a follower of the opinion that it is good to take children to schools. It is also important to note that taking them to schools does not replace family and home; instead, they are both necessary for creating a beautiful and a harmonious union.

One Comment on “Never Educate Children at Home

Jayden Berrington
September 21, 2016 at 3:31 am

Thank you for article! Just I think that children need to be a part of society. They need study at school it is just a life rule.


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