September 2, 2016

Nuclear Power

The issue of whether to adopt nuclear technology or not is one that has stirred immense debate among various countries over the years. With the technology, one has a clean and cheap energy source. The benefits resulting from the adoption of nuclear technology far outweigh the demerits.


Nuclear energy, according to published research findings has the lowest effect on the environment. It does not involve the emission of gases such as methane and carbon dioxide that contribute heavily to the greenhouse effect (Hong, Brook & Bradshaw, 2014). Another benefit is that it is more powerful and efficient compared to other existing energy sources. Unlike other options, nuclear energy is very reliable since weather conditions cannot interfere with its production. To sum it up, the cost of producing electricity using this technology is small in comparison to other options (Mason, 2013).

Even with all the advantages of nuclear technology, there are still doubts about its safety. With the technology, one can create nuclear weapons whose effect can be devastating and too severe to contemplate (Hong, Brook & Bradshaw, 2014). However, with proper monitoring and regulation of the application of nuclear technology by various entities, the risk of nuclear weapons will be very low. In addition, knowledge of the severity of the effects of nuclear weapons has helped to prevent their use since the World War II.

Clearly, the benefits of nuclear technology overweigh its disadvantages to a great extent. It is a clean and cheap source of energy. Despite some of the risks associated with it, it’s development will result in greater good for humankind. There is need for various countries and other entities to adopt it widely.

2 Comments on “Nuclear Power

Christian Bennett
September 13, 2016 at 10:30 am

Informative! Nuclear is great source of energy, but still to be unsafety. And ofc, its advantages is overweigh disadvantages. Other sources of energy have more disadvantages such as air or water pollution or deforestation!

Coral Watkins
September 29, 2016 at 5:14 am

Agree with Christian. Nowadays, the nuclear power is the most powerful source of energy.


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