August 24, 2016

Most Typical Cyber Crimes

Information, technology and overreliance on computers are a common occurrence in the 21st century. Ideally, computer usage and internet based activities have resulted in a new wave of criminal activities commonly referred to as cyber-crime. It is a complex form of engaging in criminal activities or inhumane actions through a computer system and its network. In many countries worldwide, governments have enacted laws that seek to protect people while undertaking online services. All this is in a bid to counter cybercrime since it has a negative impact to bot people and business operations.


Cybercrime takes different forms and it is classified based on the nature of the action or a situation. Hacking is a common cybercrime activity that involved using unethical methods to obtain or take other people data and information. Often, hackers try out tricks to see how vulnerable a system is and use stolen data for personal benefits (Nale, 2012,).

Fraud is also a criminal activity that occurs online. It is classified as a cybercrime that makes people steal other people’s personal and confidential information. Often, payment information is susceptible to fraud. In this regard, fraud is closely linked to identity theft since the fraudster acts as someone else.

The other common cybercrime activity is known as cyber bullying. This is linked to people social interaction online and communication of abuse languages. Essentially, cyber bullies often masquerade under fictional names and personality (Stabek, Watters and Layton, 2010). The fact that it is easy to use fictitious names on social networking sites means that anyone can fake names. Cyber bullying is rampant among young people.

All the above criminal activities are classified as cybercrime. Notably, they are all linked to falsification of information or data theft. In most instances, the propagators hope to cause social disorganization. Government agencies and security firms understand that cybercrime is major issues hence are implementing measures to counter the crime. All in all, computers are still a major part of people lives despite the risk of cybercrime.

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