September 5, 2016

Are our zoos cruel to wild animals?

Nowadays, it is safe to say that there are a lot of over-exposed species. Due to the poaching, mass slaughtering of animals, deforestation and pollution, one can say that our fauna is reducing very rapidly every day. Nevertheless, there are some special places where different animals could be brought up together, with no danger to their health, under the control of professionals who will feed, cure them whenever it is needed.  Zoos are perfect places for people who enjoy our beautiful nature, to learn some interesting facts about various animals and to just relax in company of wild world.


Frankly speaking, it is safe to say that zoos are good both for people and for animals. But is it possible to assume that? How could humans know, that being in a cage for an animal, even though that it has been given decent food, plenty of space, is a good thing? And in the case when zoos cannot provide wide and large areas for poor animals, making them cuddle in 3×3 cages, is it possible to say that zoos are not cruel to wild animals? To my mind it breaks the animal rights. (, 2011) Another point against zoos is, one may say that zoos consist of various predators, and it is against the nature that a predator would be restrained to kill a prey – in our case a human that standing in front of the cage. (, 2015) This fact could severely damage animal’s instincts and his very essence of being predator.

Hence, one can come to the conclusion that wildlife sanctuaries would be much better than zoos, because animals need more space, they need to be free, and not live in a cage.

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